Hear from satisfied, happy, and successful West Michigan CDL graduates:

WMCDL was a great place to get instruction. Their instructors are extremely knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. No time is wasted when you are there. I highly recommend it. ~ Troy D., 2017

From the moment I called, I felt that the staff at WMCDL understood my situation and was capable of meeting my unique needs. They arranged a same-day, 5-hour training program to prep me with the truck I’d be using for the pre-inspection, maneuvers and road testing. Without that training, I couldn’t have passed the tests. The truck, the trainer, the course and the test were precisely what I needed. Not a moment of time was wasted and, within a day, I was back home on the Island with my Class A CDL, ready to go to work. Thanks to Doug, Mike, Kristy and Pam… each of you made it a valuable, worthwhile trip for me, and I would recommend West Michigan CDL to anyone – even if they have to travel by boat or hundreds of road miles to get to you! ~ Dan R., 2017

The whole staff from the ladies in the office to all the instructors are awesome people. Very knowledgeable and patient. I just completed a 160 hour course last weekend and would highly recommend this school to anyone seeking their CDL. The equipment was good and what companies are currently using today. Thanks again West Michigan CDL for your flexibility and helping me meet my requirements.
~ Richard B., 2017

Finished the 4 week course class A CDL at wmcdl today and loved every minute of my time there. Scott, MJ and everyone else at the school are awesome. They take the time to prepare you for the test very professional but approachable they will go out of their way to help. The amount of recruiters that visit the school means you will have no issues finding work once school is over. If you want your CDL wmcdl is the place to go. ~ Grahame A., 2017

Loved this school from the first call I made. I worked with kristy in my enrolling process, she was very informational and helpful from start to finish. This school doesn’t make sure you barely pass your test, they set you up for success in the real world and make sure you understand everything you’re doing. I worked with MJ and Doug on the range and the road, both were very patient and professional! They both treated you just as family and was willing to give as much knowledge as you wished to know. I went in never driving a clutch and they had me double clutching by day 3. They take true pride in preparing you for your career and make sure you leave with as many skills and as much knowledge as possible. The owner Mike was present everyday and checked in on us a students as often as we passed by. He was willing to help students find jobs, there were recruiters there almost everyday, and they just all around cared for our education. I appreciate the jump start this school gave me on my new career! ~ Jeff H., 2017

A personable and polite environment was well received and appreciated.  Facilities immaculate, equipment current. Administrative and technical trainers very professional and knowledgeable.  Answered all of my questions and provided valuable insight. 3 Day Course was spot on.  For a training program that is demanding and has risk, I enjoyed and learned a considerable amount! ~ Joed B., 2015

Everyone at West Michigan CDL is very warm-hearted and willing to help everybody as a whole; me as an individual.  Thank you for believing in me and building my self-confidence.  I see longevity and prosperity in West Michigan CDL! ~ Henry A., 2015

The staff is motivated and encouraging.  I never felt out of place…seems like you all really care about what you are doing.  I will recommend West MI CDL to anyone interested in driving.  If you guys and gals can teach me, you can teach anyone!  Thank you! ~Steve L., 2015

I liked the hands-on approach and the fact that every day we were behind the wheel.  I am grateful to have been a part of this education facility.  All of the staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and made a positive difference! ~Adam C., 2015

It’s a hands-on experience, and teachers are very professional.  Everything was great!  I thank West Michigan CDL for their training and support.  They are the best truck driving school in Michigan! ~Derrick P., 2015

Each and every instructor had great skills and information that I was able to absorb.  Everyone was very patient and always willing to help on anything asked.  I will recommend anyone looking to get their CDL to West MI CDL school! ~AJ D., 2015

What I liked best about training was the one-on-one time you had with the instructors. ~James E., 2015

Thank you for being a great school!  Keep being dedicated to grow the best CMV drivers on the road! ~Edward J., 2015

Should be #1 in the country! ~Rogelio G., 2015

Everyone working with me really put all they could into me to make my dream come true.  West Michigan CDL is simply the best thing to ever happen to me!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your support!  I’m grateful to the entire staff! ~Cheyenne S., 2015

The instruction was outstanding! ~Robert C., 2015

Everything was consistent like clockwork.  I am definitely happy with my choice in school.  From start to finish, definitely no complaints! ~Craig R., 2015

This is a great school!  I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you guys! ~Corey G., 2015

I liked having good people by my side that helped me along the way.  Thank you for all the great people there.  Best training I ever had–Keep up the good work! ~James T., 2015

The teachers were so helpful and nice!  Lots of hands-on training.  Thank you so much for all the help.  I will be back in three years to apply for a job with you guys! ~Tyler V., 2015

I enjoyed the small class size and personal attention/training.  Great staff and an excellent program.  I really enjoyed the process! ~Nelson G., 2015

All the trainers were exceptionally patient with us.  The owner was gracious and very generous.  I love this place and will highly recommend this company to everyone! ~Rhonda C., 2015

Excellent staff!  Very organized operation.  I was very satisfied with the whole training process.  No regrets! ~Osman A., 2015

Instructors were very helpful and spent extra time with weak areas.  The staff is very friendly! ~Matthew H., 2015

I liked the hands-on training, small groups, and lots of drive time.  It was a great experience.  I had lots of fun, learned a lot, and it was definitely worth the 1 1/2 hour drive every day!  I would recommend everybody to come to school here! ~Zachary M., 2015

The training sessions are very descriptive and helpful in real-world situations.  All trainers were patient and helpful on and off the road.  Great place and highly recommended! ~Christopher H., 2015

I liked the help and extra encouragement from the trainers.  You have the best group of trainers and staff that I’ve ever been around! ~Anthony J., 2015

Training is very hands-on.  The trainers were very knowledgeable and had a great attention to detail.  I felt very prepared for the test! ~Benjamin P., 2015

The instructors work for your success to be the safest driver, and work on your weaknesses to get you to the best! ~Ramiro R., 2015

I felt that the level of expertise that the trainers had at, not only the driving/skills being taught, but the ability to pass on their skills to us, to be most valuable.  Thank you to all who were involved in this process and helped me get through to this point!  It was a great overall experience! ~Michael R., 2015

This has been an excellent learning experience and I have complete confidence that I can begin a safe and successful career in trucking! ~Brian M., 2015

This school is excellent!  The hands-on training and in-depth study to gain the necessary skills needed are top-notch!  The instructors I worked with were excellent and deserve great credit!  Thank you to all of you here for everything! ~Joel T., 2015

The instructors did not make any situation stressful.  The entire team at West Michigan CDL was helpful.  Everyone has a positive attitude and makes every student feel important.  Keep up the good work West Michigan CDL! ~David T., 2015